Tuesday, December 7, 2010

With Nanci Griffith: Across The Great Divide


Roy said...

Ah, this is great! I have Nanci's Other Voices, Other Rooms CD, which this song came from. For me, the great thing about traditional style country music is the vocal harmonies, and both Nanci and Emmylou have spent their careers giving us those harmonies.

I have the Down From the Mountain DVD, the concert at the Ryman with all the people who sang the music from the Coen brothers' movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?. The highlight of the whole concert, for me, was the Cox Family singing "Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown"; the harmonies in that were absolutely electrifying!

K. said...

Other Voices is a really nice CD. I wish there was a video of Nanci singing "Turn Around." That's one of those songs that seems hokey until you have kids, then all of a sudden you really get.